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30 minute lessons

2 People Share
$35.00 each


9 Hole Playing Lesson

2 People Share
$130.00 each
3 People Share
$99.00 each



5 Lessons + 1 Free
10 Lessons + 9 Hole free playing lesson
$550.00 each
All packages are customised to your unique DNA

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Golf Matters Coaching

First you must understand why you do the things that you do. Without knowing why, we can’t set a clear path for improvement. Awareness and focus of what one is doing is a major component to improvement for any golfer. We must understand our own swing to be able to trust it and shoot the scores we desire.
To achieve this Scott will identify your errors, explain your technical and/or mental flaws and any gaps in your knowledge, to start to understand your own swing. People often already have many correct swing characteristics, so the occassions for a major rebuild are few and far between. Scott will not only help to change the flaws in your game, he will enhance the correct movements you already make. Just remember that there are more positive points in your swing than negative.

Golf Matters offers coaching for all levels of player by highly qualified NZPGA Professionals. There are many ways to play this game and coaching must reflect the needs of each students strengths and weaknesses.

All lessons include Trackman, SAM Puttlab and Video analysis if needed


Junior Group Coaching

Wednesdays 4pm (during school term)  | $5.00
Scott is the only qualified TPI certified Junior coach in the Hawkes Bay.

Our Coaches

Head Professional

Scott Overend

Trainee Professional

Sara Deam
NZPGA Trainee Member


Scott offers beginner programs that are designed to build the base skill level. The process involves starting with a grip, posture, ball position, aim, alignment and building a swing for that player’s body type, athleticism, etc. In this program we have a blank palate on which we can craft any type of swing that is functional.




For the serious golfer the important thing here is to build a swing that the player is physically capable of, one that maximizes his/her body type and tendencies. Creating a swing that they can repeat time after time is the most important factor. Consistency is an attribute all golfers seek. There are many different swings on the PGA and LPGA Tours. They all work and each swing is unique to that player. Give any one of them a different swing and then they may not perform to their peak. Their swings are built around their bodies and all golfers will have their unique attributes which make their own swing work.
And if you want to go even further, Scott is qualified to help you do that too, by setting up practice schedules, tournament planning, on course play, creating pressure situations, set up short game and putting stations, work on club distances, adjust and fit golf equipment, and putting together fitness programs to makes sure people get the greatest improvement.
The coach and student need to settle on the type of swing they are going to build and establish fundamentals that will facilitate your unique swing. Too many times, Scott sees players working on fundamentals that are not compatible with the swing they are attempting to build. Scott and the team will build a swing that fits your DNA.

Scott Overend Head Professional

Trackman Certified, SAM Puttlab
Titleist TPI Certified
Titleist Junior TPI Level 2 Certified
Titleist Staff Professional